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This bus was originally purchased by the Lehigh & Northampton Transportation Authority in Allentown, PA. It was one of 58 buses delivered in August of 1973, fleet number 7351.

I don't have any photos of the original paint scheme yet, but based on the interior colors, I doubt it was red, white and blue as in the above photo taken in July of 2001. At this point, all the factory equipment was still in the bus except the fare box and related items. 

When we first saw the bus, we figured it was from Green Bay Wisconsin...not the case. All we could think was the folks that ordered this bus must have been Packer fans.

This is a bus ticket found during the removal of the interior. It was folded up and jammed in the passenger signal busser. 

Next stop for this bus, as far as we know, was Naperville Bus line. The pix above were also found during the interior removal. It's amazing what little bits of history can be found on a bus...along with plenty of nasty bits as well.